Monday, July 28, 2014


10 easy miles on Saturday. I went up and down my usual canyon. Although I did end up going a little bit farther UP the canyon than I usually do. Most of the time I stop before this huge scary looking hill, but this time I told myself I could do it and I just pushed through and did it!
If you want to finish strong and fast and feeling awesome, end your run with "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. 
I was flying during the last half mile when the song popped up on my playlist! As you can see here from my best pace.
Do you notice anything about this elevation chart here?
That is the scary monster hill that I mentioned. Yeah, it was intense. That is about 100 feet of straight elevation gain. Crrrraaazzzy. It felt so good to finally conquer it.

Later on Saturday, we took a little family walk/hike up the same canyon that I run in. We conquered that hill yet again! Our walk ended up being 5 miles. So it's kinda like I did 15 miles on Saturday, right? Well, that's what I keep telling myself anyway. Just mentally preparing for my 16 mile long run this week!
 Sweet baby J fell asleep again with those cute little fists.

>> How was your long run this week?
>> What song gets you running really fast?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Speed work and Pioneer Day

Speed workout! First mile was a warm up, second mile I pushed it hard, third mile I split in two and did 1/2 mile easy and 1/2 mile hard. I felt awesome after this workout. Speed work is always hard and you don't want to do it at first but it is WORTH IT in the end!

I switched my 4 mile Thursday run to Wednesday due to the Pioneer day festivities on Thursday. It was a really hard run for me, so I took it slow. I guess my body doesn't do so well after speed work!
During this run I had Baby J sit in the stroller without the car seat for the very first time. I thought this would make my run much easier but it wasn't! I can definitely tell a difference though. Maybe for my next run (not the day after a speed workout) it will be better. I didn't think Baby J would fall asleep without the car seat, but apparently he just looooves sleeping while I run. The Bob is magic.
Love those cute little hands while he's sleeping. I don't know why he chooses those positions. So funny.

SO. Pioneer day. It is the day that the Mormon pioneers came into the Salt Lake Valley and Brigham Young (the prophet of the church, Governor of Utah Territory, founder of BYU) declared the valley as the place that they would settle. In Utah it is basically a second 4th of July. Huge parades, firework shows, rodeos, and of course lots of RACES. Unfortunately I didn't participate in any of them. I am too cheap to pay 20 bucks for a 5K. Call me crazy.

However our apartment building is conveniently located in front of the best street for watching the parade, so we sat out with friends in the morning to watch.
Possibly the coolest float I've ever seen. The thing moved and roared! And it is pushing a handcart. Pretty great.
And of course, my baby boy can fall asleep anywhere. 

>> Do you do speed work during the week? 
>> Does your state have any cool holidays?