Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Running/Workout Playlist #4

It's about time for another playlist! It's always nice to have a mix of new hip hop + old school classic rock. The perfect mix!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Treat Yo Self

Yesterday I declared an official "Treat Yo Self" 2014 day (any other Parks and Rec fans?!). And it was awesome. I was feeling like I deserved a Treat Yo Self day after feeling so great about my 21 mile run on Saturday.

It started with Eggs in the City with my sister and parents. They were in town this weekend for a quick trip. I got a delicious Mexican Skillet. Thanks parents!

Next up: massage time. My sister watched Baby J while I got a 90 minute massage. Thanks Brooke!
It was a not-so fancy massage place but it was a Groupon birthday gift from Andrew, so I'll take it! Thanks Andrew! It amazes me how 90 minutes can feel like only 30 minutes when you are getting a nice massage.

I thought it was about time I purchased some new workout clothes since all of mine are from 2 years ago. I headed to the outlets with Baby J after my massage and hit up the Nike and Adidas outlet for some goods!

I wish I could tell you that I ended Treat Yo Self 2014 with some ice cream, but sadly (but proudly) I am still going strong on my no desserts kick! It had been ten days since my last dessert and I feel pretty good about it. It has been shockingly easy to do - maybe you should try it too!

Today's run was a sweaty one. I finished around noon and was really feeling the heat. I tried capturing the glistening sweat on my forehead for you but I don't think it worked out. But hey, theres my cool new Nike top!
I forgot my Garmin yet again but I knew it only took 38 minutes to do 3 laps around the park (one lap is about 1.44 miles) so I logged it on Mapmyrun. An easy pace after a hard 21 on Saturday! I still feel like I'm recovering a little, even after my awesome massage.
Baby J only made it about 15 minutes into the run before he crashed. He is really grumpy today for some reason. Oh well, at least he is still cute!


>> Did anyone else get this email? 
>> Have you ever had a Treat Yo Self day?