Thursday, August 28, 2014

Motivation, Sweat Pink, and If Everybody Ran

Hello there! Sorry for the slight disappearance over the last week or so. Baby J, Andrew and I have all slipped into severe Post Vacation Depression since we have been back and we are just now starting to recover, thank goodness. This post is going to be very picture heavy, so beware.

First off, some good news:
I have been accepted at a Sweat Pink Ambassador! Hopefully for me this means I will be more involved in my running community here in SLC, and I might even get to do some product reviews for all of you (I know you're all excited about that - who doesn't love product reviews shoved in their face?!)

Here is something cool that Andrew found for me. I think he is starting to get the running bug. No he has not ever run more than 3 miles in his life, but I am working on him!
Mizuno did this super cool study with the University of North Carolina to see what it would be like if everybody ran. These are some pretty awesome findings! You can see more at!

This weeks runs were a little bit lost in my lack of motivation. I still completed the runs, but with a complete lack of gusto. Usually I am excited to get up and run in the mornings and I am motivated to do speed work and cross training. This week was a different story. I had 5 miles on my plan for Tuesday and Thursday. I ended up only doing 4 both days.

Baby J kind of has a 30 minute limit for running in the stroller these days so it is easy to blame it on him and cut my run short. But would it really make a huge difference to him if I went on for one more mile? Probably not. Excuses excuses, am I right?

Tuesdays run:

Thursday's run:
Thursday's run went a lot better but I still cut it short. I'm such a wimp sometimes. Probably not the best idea to lose motivation with one month to go until the marathon. Next week is a new week!

And now for some pictures from the week! 

Baby J was looking too cute in the baby carrier the other day. Just an armless, smiley little boy.
Yawning in the car after his 3 shots at the doctor :(

We have been doing a lot of this all week. It is so easy to just lay in bed all morning and cuddle with this little munchkin. Yesterday we took a nap together in my bed. I was on my side, Baby J was on the other side. He kept looking over at me as I tried to fall asleep (and he was just babbling and rolling around) and finally he scooted on over, right into the crook of my arm, and promptly fell asleep. I about died. Such a little snuggle bunny.
Always a good sport for the beginning of a run! Did he grow up like, way too fast, or what?!
This is an awful picture but I have to tell the story to go with it. On the way home from the park today, Baby J was whining and wouldn't take his pacifier. Finally I reached for the only thing in sight that was semi-baby friendly: the sun shade. I handed it to him, all nicely folded up so he could play with it. The rest of the drive home he was SILENT. I checked in the baby mirror and he was giddy with happiness, playing with that thing. I kept checking and the sun shade kept growing as it unfolded and covered Baby J so I couldn't see him anymore, but he remained happy! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

18 miles - in the home stretch

18 miles - done! I had to split the run in two because my Garmin was dying and I didn't know if it would save the first 15 miles if it just shut down. It ended up staying on for the last 3 though! My average pace ended up being 8:41 for the full 18. I ran 9 miles up Emigration Canyon and 9 miles down. I have been training myself to finish each long run faster than the first half so that I will be able to do that during the race. I hope it works out!

I woke up Saturday morning and it was raining and chilly, and I reaaaallllly did not want to get out of bed. Too cozy. Luckily Baby J had an AWESOME night and slept 12 hours so when he woke up at 7:30AM I thought alright, I'll go for a run now. Unfortunately I went into Baby J's room and there was vomit all over his sheets/pajamas/body - I was horrified! He had been sleeping in his own vomit for who knows how long. And this was not spit up from milk, this was gross chunky brown stuff (TMI? oops). I felt awful and didn't know what to think. I panicked. What if something was terribly wrong with him?! Luckily he ended up being okay and didn't throw up any more that day. We figure it was just from feeding him too much the day before (he had one whole banana and about 1 cup of peas and 1 cup of carrots).

His 6 month checkup was on Friday and his pediatrician told me to start feeding him more because he has been dropping in the weight percentile with each checkup. If you look at Baby J you would not think that he is deprived of food by any means. I mean come on, look at those cheeks and thighs. He said to feed him as much as Baby J wanted, until he acted like he was full! Well I guess we took that a little too seriously. We have learned our lesson though and won't be feeding him that much ever again. Poor little guy.

Moral of the story: I felt like a terrible mother and did not want to leave my baby and run for 2.5 hours in case something were to happen while I was gone. I debated not going at all, or just running on the treadmill in the apartment gym. But Andrew convinced me that I needed to get it done and do something for myself and that he could handle Baby J on his own! Sometimes husbands know best :) Once I finally got out at 9AM I was so glad I didn't just throw the run out because I always feel great after a good run. The weather was perfect the whole time too - I was never too hot or too cold!

Now I just have 2 weekends of "short" long runs, then my 20 mile run, and then I will taper for 2 weeks before the big day. I can't believe it came so fast! I have been feeling more and more confident about the marathon with every long run that I do. I guess that's the good thing about long runs. good practice!

Here are some pictures from Thursdays run, since every post needs a few pictures! I did 5 miles and ended up with negative splits (last mile was 8:24).
Baby J was proud of me and gave me a thumbs up in his sleep after the 5 miles.