Friday, August 29, 2014

10 miles with a stroller

Let me begin this post by saying that this boy is a total champ.
He handled 10 miles in the stroller this morning with ease! As I said in my last post, he usually gets pretty antsy/whiny after 30-40 minutes in the stroller. This morning he fell asleep after 30-40 minutes with no whining, continued to sleep for the next 45ish minutes, and woke up happy for the last few minutes of my run! What. A. CHAMP.

I don't normally do long runs with the stroller. I usually do them on Saturday mornings when Andrew can watch Baby J while I run. But this weekend we are going to... dun dun-uh duuuh... Yellowstone! Labor Day Weekend, you are the best.
This 10 miles was one of those runs where you just aren't feeling it (which is how I felt all week). I felt like I was running at my max for a few of those miles but somehow I never broke below an 8 minute mile. Which is fine for a long run, of course. I guess the strange new factors for this long run that I don't usually have (jogging stroller, heat of the near-midday, worrying about Baby J, running around a track) really did me in!

In other news, Baby J is CRAWLING! This just happened since we got back from vacation. It's not a true crawl yet (as in, on his hands and knees crawl) but more of an army crawl/scooching movement. Well whatever it is, we sure are proud of him. And terrified at the same time. I have already turned my back for a minute to find him pulling on cords in outlets, licking the wheel on the stroller, and knocking over the garbage can. We are in for a treat with this curious little boy!

I hope everyone has a great three day weekend! There will be a Yellowstone recap when we get back!

>> What are you doing for Labor Day weekend?
>> How did your runs go this week?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Motivation, Sweat Pink, and If Everybody Ran

Hello there! Sorry for the slight disappearance over the last week or so. Baby J, Andrew and I have all slipped into severe Post Vacation Depression since we have been back and we are just now starting to recover, thank goodness. This post is going to be very picture heavy, so beware.

First off, some good news:
I have been accepted at a Sweat Pink Ambassador! Hopefully for me this means I will be more involved in my running community here in SLC, and I might even get to do some product reviews for all of you (I know you're all excited about that - who doesn't love product reviews shoved in their face?!)

Here is something cool that Andrew found for me. I think he is starting to get the running bug. No he has not ever run more than 3 miles in his life, but I am working on him!
Mizuno did this super cool study with the University of North Carolina to see what it would be like if everybody ran. These are some pretty awesome findings! You can see more at!

This weeks runs were a little bit lost in my lack of motivation. I still completed the runs, but with a complete lack of gusto. Usually I am excited to get up and run in the mornings and I am motivated to do speed work and cross training. This week was a different story. I had 5 miles on my plan for Tuesday and Thursday. I ended up only doing 4 both days.

Baby J kind of has a 30 minute limit for running in the stroller these days so it is easy to blame it on him and cut my run short. But would it really make a huge difference to him if I went on for one more mile? Probably not. Excuses excuses, am I right?

Tuesdays run:

Thursday's run:
Thursday's run went a lot better but I still cut it short. I'm such a wimp sometimes. Probably not the best idea to lose motivation with one month to go until the marathon. Next week is a new week!

And now for some pictures from the week! 

Baby J was looking too cute in the baby carrier the other day. Just an armless, smiley little boy.
Yawning in the car after his 3 shots at the doctor :(

We have been doing a lot of this all week. It is so easy to just lay in bed all morning and cuddle with this little munchkin. Yesterday we took a nap together in my bed. I was on my side, Baby J was on the other side. He kept looking over at me as I tried to fall asleep (and he was just babbling and rolling around) and finally he scooted on over, right into the crook of my arm, and promptly fell asleep. I about died. Such a little snuggle bunny.
Always a good sport for the beginning of a run! Did he grow up like, way too fast, or what?!
This is an awful picture but I have to tell the story to go with it. On the way home from the park today, Baby J was whining and wouldn't take his pacifier. Finally I reached for the only thing in sight that was semi-baby friendly: the sun shade. I handed it to him, all nicely folded up so he could play with it. The rest of the drive home he was SILENT. I checked in the baby mirror and he was giddy with happiness, playing with that thing. I kept checking and the sun shade kept growing as it unfolded and covered Baby J so I couldn't see him anymore, but he remained happy!